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Prenez votre voix sur Twitter sans parler du vide

Tweedly vous aide à découvrir et à vous engager avec les influenceurs de votre intérêt en utilisant une ligne temporelle. Pas de retweets, pas de réponses, et sans distractions

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@kyleighsmith Top people is calculated from engagement that a particular person got from their tweets on the timeline.

@kyleighsmith I think that’s what currently is, no?

@wilbertliu Also, how is the "Top people" determined? Mine is currently like 90%+ men.

@wilbertliu I'd like to be able to choose the topics on the left and the "top people" on the right!

@wilbertliu Looks awesome! I love how it doesn't have the "Explore" tab which always ends up distracting me and pulling me into random rabbit holes

@kyleighsmith That totally makes sense, Kyleigh! I just made a demo video Let me know what you think 😉

This looks really interesting! I'd love to se a demo video of it in action before authorizing my Twitter!

Looks Awesome, congrats on the launch, Wilbert! 🎉 Just tested it out, really keeps all the distractions away! 🚀

This looks awesome, congrats on the launch, Wilbert!

@jeff_bargmann Very well said, Jeff! 💯 So much potential on this. Thanks for the support anyway!

@wilbertliu excited to see this take shape. Twitter is our workplace. Our place for fun, learning and connection. But Twitter’s current UI does a poor job at helping us achieve our goals / have pleasant a time. (A hellscape of an experience, I might call it. 😅) So much value left on the table. Looking forward to this!

@anab lol 😅 Actually I don't ditched them all completely. I just only showed the first tweet, and when you want to read the rest of the thread, you could click on the tweet. That will bring you to read that on Twitter. Anyway, thanks Ana for the support! 🙏🏼

I'm super upset that you kiched off threads as I love writing them 😂 but great idea anyway! Upvoted

Hi PH! I'm so excited to launch an evolution of my personal Twitter tool, which now aimed to help those that just getting started on their Twitter journey or have been stuck to grow themselves. It's called Tweedly. Now you could engage with people within your interests (or niches) without curating all those people by yourself. I'm sure there're things that could be improved since it's still at its early phase. So please don't be hesitant to shoot me a feedback or suggestions to make it better. Let me know if you have any questions!

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