Fondateur de Fugue : Timur Khaziev
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Fondateur de Fugue : Paul Malay

Project Lead, Icons8

Fondateur de Fugue : Valeria Khristinina

Frontend developer
Musique de stock gratuite pour vos vidéos, jeux et interfaces utilisateur

Obtenir un son de haute qualité pour une vidéo, un jeu ou une interface utilisateur est souvent long et coûteux. Pour résoudre ce problème, l’équipe d’Icons8 lance Fugue, une collection croissante de musique de stock qui est gratuite pour un lien. Obtenez des milliers de morceaux de musiciens professionnels collectés et catégorisés pour vous.

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Commentaires :

Awesome, grate site :)

Great work!

Great! Interested in what the CONTENT id tag is?

Really great for peace of mind.

Trés bien

Trés bien

This site is free and has many good quality music tracks that I personally like.


A huge selection of FREE music.


What's this?

Cool collection.


Easy to find in selected tracks



Awesome team!! for this innovative project! A win win situation for both the maker and the user.


Awesome list of music


nothing much

I am already a licensed user of icons8, very pleased to see them take their aesthetic to music.


Nice collection, well-indexed, good range of moods.


Would like search & sort by instruments, duration and bpm.

One more cool collection of free useful stuff from the Icons8 team. As usual, simple, minimalist and user-friendly interface with easy-to-get tracks. I suppose it will make life sound much better for designers, game creators and marketers who often need to get quality music or sounds for their projects. By the way, that's a pleasure for my eyes to see how elegantly your Moose stock photos work in real web interface. Great job!


Free and high-quality


About 1000 tracks, look forward to even more tracks

free but good!

good <3


You have to deal with https://www.pretzel.rocks/, you need to be unique

I've used Icons8 in some past projects for Icons and it's great to see that they have expanded to music! There is a great range in this library too.

@hugowoodhead someone from our team did it (we've got several icon artists). I'll post it to the channel, thank you!

@username @xx13 right, that's difficult. We only have Instagram for our icons https://www.instagram.com/icons8/, not Fugue. Composers — I wonder how to lookup their Instagrams? We don't have them on file, and I suppose many of them don't have it at all. How about posting the URLs in the description? Instagram won't highlight them, but those who are _very_ interested can copy-paste.

I really enjoyed Fugue and used one of the videos as a music background for a video that's I'm looking to upload to Instagram. As you may know there is no way to set any links there. Any chance to promote Fugue and artist using '@username' in the description? Thanks!

@visualpharm Thank you and for the email response to my questions!

@krishnade done.

@visualpharm Thank you - that would be fantastic

@krishnade thanks! if you'd like the paid educator's license for our icons and everything, you're more then welcome to drop me a line at ivan@icons8.com

Great, great and great! I've just tried it out and definitely use some tracks for a couple of projects i'm starting. Great Job guys, keep it up!

@visualpharm Thanks for confirming - just want to know as I will be sharing you in my workshop next week on live video for PR professionals

Love love love your gif, who made it? Great hunting yesterday

@justinckwong good point, will do. There are mp3s, we use them to stream music when you press the play button; it's won't be hard. Meantime, there's a hack: open the developers tools in your browser and start playing a track. You'll get your mp3 link here: http://take.ms/FzWWw

Music looks great guys, thanks for making this! Is there a way to download smaller file sizes of music? I noticed that a lot of the downloads are 50MB+, are there any mp3s or .wavs that are under 10MB?

@krishnade do that. We've negotiated the rights for all of these. The only exception are few tracks that are marked with Content ID.

@vladkorobov at the moment, all you should do is to buy our monthly $20 subscription. No link is required then.

Great resource - do you know @visualpharm if these will have any issues in terms of copyright ID if videos are uploaded to Facebook and also YouTube especially as both have their own music libraries now too - thanks

@nickjnish We hope that Fugue will be helpful for creators. And we plan to work on adding more music to the collection.

@glenncameronjr great!

@dineshsprabu thanks!

@oleg_avrah thanks! ;)

@mastemine Oh, thank you! These things are important for us since we are originally a team of designers and developers. Hope to see your projects with our tracks!

Would be great to have an option to buy music to be able to use it in video ads and etc.

@chrismessina @rrhoover Quacking up over here Ryan.

luar biasa

Very good collection of music.

Nice! I will use this.

@cameronrohani that’s how I read it! Lol

Wow! Just the other day, a product called No Licks was launched to tackle this same problem, but from a different angle, and without the classical focus. Very cool!

@cameronrohani ¡Gracias!

@vinch thank you!

Fuego product! 🌶

Congrats @visualpharm! Awesome product, as usual.

Really love the category search function and is way better than most sites that I have found out there for free music. The site looks sleek, professional, and love the photography choice! I really love the audio player on the site. Love how it appears on the bottom. Good feeling for the site. Will certainly use it!

@visualpharm Customers of Depositphotos?)

Love your icons guys! :)

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