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Fondateur de : Davis Baer

Co-Founder of OneUp

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Définir un minimum et maximum, créer un timer de décompte aléatoire

Random Timer Generator est un minuteur de compte à rebours aléatoire qui vous permet d’entrer un temps minimum et maximum, et puis il commencera un minuteur aléatoire quelque part dans cette gamme.

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Hey everyone 👋 I created Random Timer Generator because I couldn't find any app on the App Store that allowed you to simply set a Minimum and Maximum time, and then start a random timer somewhere within that range. So I decided to create it 🤓 Random Timer Generator allows you to create random timers countdowns, which makes it great as an exercise timer, a meditation timer, Musical Chairs timer, or as a timer for Hot Potato style games like Catch Phrase, The Last Word, Pass The Bomb... or Hot Potato. www.randomtimergenerator.com ************************************ FEATURES * Fully configurable random countdowns with adjustable seconds, minutes, and hours * Supports timer durations from 0 seconds to 24 hours * Enable or disable ticking or other countdown noise options * Enable or disable showing how much time is left while the random timer is going * Sounds an alarm when the timer hits 0. Choose from different alarm noise options, or go silent with vibrate-only option * Animates and vibrates when going off, so you'll notice the timer expiring in a noisy situation * Looping mode - set a random timer to go off repeatedly, so the next random timer starts again after one ends ************************************ Random Timer Generator is great for: * Games There are many Hot Potato style games where you don't want to be the person holding the ball (or potato) when the random timer goes off. Random Timer Generator works great for these Hot Potato style games, such as Catch Phrase, The Last Word, Pass The Bomb... or Hot Potato. Also great for board games where you need a random timer * Meditation When meditating, you may want to set a timer... but not know exactly when that timer will end (for example, a random timer that will go off somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes). Random Timer Generator works great for that. * Exercise While exercising, you may want to have a random timer for doing certain exercises, but not know exactly how long you will need to do it for. For example, you could set a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds while holding a forearm plank. * Musical Chairs With Random Timer Generator, you can set a random timer (for example between 5 seconds and 30 seconds) to go off for playing Musical Chairs. You can even have it playing songs while the timer is counting down.

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