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Fondateur de Embed Notion : Joel Rosen

Creator of paytable.io / briefbox.me

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Intégrez facilement Notion sur votre site web en quelques secondes.

Embed Notion est un générateur simple pour créer des snippets d’intégration de Notion. Embarquez facilement Notion sur votre site web en quelques secondes.

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@dantethecreative Wow thank you so much for that incredible feedback. Looking after all users is a priority of mine, thanks for your patience and support! :)

6 STARS if I could. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ All bloggers, creatives, Notion lovers, and other non-engineers. READ THIS. Here's a story of a great entrepreneur... So I found Embed Notion and immediately thought it was incredible. I played around with the FREE version to test it out and I was sold! After I signed up for Pro, I made a Notion page with YouTube embeds (which I hadn't tested). Everything was going good until this moment... the youtube embeds didn't work and I just spent countless hours/days redesigning my blog/store website around this tool. I'll be honest I was frustrated, crushed even... but I could only be mad at myself for not testing it out. BUT... I reached out to Joel on Twitter and he replied (which rarely happens these days) and asked me to give him 3 days to fix the problem. Keep in mind two of those days were over the weekend. I received a tweet Tuesday morning after his Saturday reply and it read "Can you give it a go for me?" I tested the updated version and everything works seamlessly. Not only did he fix the video embeds but he made the auto-update even smoother. Underpromised, OVER-delivered! I highly recommended this product, not only because it's a great tool for bloggers, notion educators, internal websites, and more... but because it was built by a solid guy who was true to his word! Support PEOPLE not businesses. Thanks again, Joel! Disclaimer, in no way shape, or form, did Joel ask me to write this nor do I have anything to gain from it.

Congratulations on this useful idea .good work

Want to distribute a notion platforms?. Embed Notion is your best option!

very useful! don't use notion yet but will use this for when i do :)

Just discovered this, cool project, Joel! Simple, but super useful! ✨

Fantastic, it's just what I needed for sharing my notion project publicly on my website!

@benln Thanks Ben! Means alot coming from you :)

@chrismessina Hey Chris! Sorry missed this somehow. Performance is actually pretty good, I'm only the personal plan on bubble, but no complaints yet from around 100 or so uploads! Love everything your doing up in this place yo!


NIce one @jrosendesign , this is very helpful. Congrats

@itsbrex Thanks Brian!! Let me know if you notice anything or have any questions.

@michelle_marcelline Michelle! Love Typedream, would be awesome if our apps can play nicely together, should all work nicely :)

@hugh_dawkins Thanks for all your support Hugh!! 🙌 🙌

@michaeljnovotny! Dude! Thanks for your support, we should catch up soon! :)

Rad! Just purchased.

Hey @jrosendesign, It is impressive that you developed it within 7 days and launched it on PH. Looks really useful, will give it a try. Congratulations on the launch! 🎉

Awesome product! Will try to embed some Notion tables/databases to Typedream!

Congrats Joel! This is a huge win for the Notion community. Great product!

Congrats on the launch Joel! This is a huge problem solved for Makers selling their digital products. Nice job!

@jrosendesign this is great, but how's the performance?

@daniel_leal Whoop! Happy to help :)

@connorjewiss Thanks Connor!!! Hyped to be able to help you here - let me know if you need anything. Joel

@pbteja1998 Thanks so much Bhanu! I really appreciate the support couldn't of done without your amazing api usenotioncms.com :)

@kathleensmith Wow thanks so much! Chuffed to be able to help with your solution - looks like tis working great for you!! :)

This is micro-SaaS at its finest and executed beautifully. I have been searching high and low for a simple, free solution to do *exactly* this – thank you Joel! I had it live in less than a minute: https://thefulfilledfreelancer.com/#tools

Yesssss I needed this!

This is a fantastic solution to using Notion on a site. So excited to start using this. Congrats on the launch today, too!

@industrialmarc Thank you so much Mark, glad your finding this useful, very much appreciate the support on this product!

Congratulations! I love 'lightweight and useful' solution products like this. Best of luck with the launch!

@jeffrey_1 Hey Jeffrey, thanks so much! Need any help let me know.

@archie_edwards Archie! Cheers, excited to see how use this product, let me know if you need a hand with anything :)

@mfrz Thanks Manuel! Much appreciated for the support :)

@jrosendesign Congrats Joel on the launch. Awesome product!

@antovtok Thanks Tomas! Hoping this can help resolve the issue for those wanting to embed Notion on their site! :)

Looks very useful and easy to use. I think it will be helpful for many people. Great work!

@angezanetti Thanks so much for your Xavier, much appreciated! :)

Congrats on the launch Joel!

Congrats on the launch Joel! A beautifully simple product. I'm going to use this for sharing a Notion table on a blog post later this month 👌

Very cool product!

@hainingmax Thanks so much Max! Means alot coming from you, love everything you've done for the community! And, in true NoCode style it's built 100% in Bubble :)

Joel has created a super cool product here - I have had many times when I want to quickly embed a notion page....but never have been able to ... now you can!! Kudos!

✨✨✨ Hey awesome folk of PH! I'm super excited to share my latest product with you that I'm hoping up will open up a lot of opportunities when it comes to sharing and managing access to Notion pages with your audience. Here's a little more about why I made it: I was thinking recently, that being able to embed Notion pages or databases with iframes should totally be possible, so I started looking around for a tool to help as I was struggling to do it out the box. When I made my Notion page public, I thought I'd be able to easily embed that url in an iframe on another site, but after researching more realised there are a fair few steps involved if your looking to achieve this yourself. So, it got me thinking about putting together a super quick generator kinda app that works like: 👉 Drop a public Notion url in 👉 Render the Notion page on my server 👉 Return a new embedabble url you can use in iframes. I started building the product 7 days ago and was able to quickly get an MVP up and out the door to test the reaction. So far it's been received really well! Enjoy: https://embednotion.com/ The use cases for this product are quite hefty, but being able to now embed Notion on any website or HTML page means you could: 👉 Add one Notion page to other Notion pages using Notion's iframe block -just drop the snippet in and go :) 👉 Easily embed Notion pages on Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow etc.. 👉 Add live examples of your Notion template to your landing page (without giving away the actual link) 👉 Add Notion content to gated / Pay walled pages in your other fave membership tools The product is in its very early stages, but here's a basic roadmap of what to expect over the next few months: 👉 Add your own domain to your embed base url 👉 Access an iframe style generator to customise the look and feel of your embed 👉 API access, auto generate new snippets, auto update etc It's totally free to use and you can upgrade optionally to unlock the PRO dashboard + more features. https://embednotion.com/upgrade 🥳 🥳 🥳 Currently offering 35% off for the next few days or so!! Just use code ph35off when checking out :) Thanks for all the support so far and very much looking forward to your feedback on this product!!!! Any questions let me know! I'll be around all day. -Joel 👋

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