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Fondateur de Zoomies Pet Social App for Humans : Curtis Simmons

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Zoomies est une application sociale amusante pour tous ceux qui aiment les animaux de compagnie.

Zoomies est une application sociale amusante, captivante et éducative pour tous ceux qui aiment les animaux domestiques, s’en occupent, les aident et les servent. Rejoignez le plaisir frénétique avec vos amis et voisins dans une communauté locale dynamique.

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My dog Kenya will love this!

@anuoluwapo_abraham Yes, just in the USA for now because we use a local radius for content but we do plan to expand long-term.

@alon_keren Currently only in the USA but certainly plan to expand in the long-term.

@galaxyx7 Our locales are similar to Nextdoor, so we're hitting up local pet suppliers and pet-friendly businesses, anywhere pet lovers connect already.

@kmelaika Certainly hope not! Actually our app was developed by an awesome team from Kyiv and thankfully are all safe for now.

@londonvi Thank you! And not just dogs, but all kinds of pets are welcome!

It's region locked

?makers Congrats on the launch :) Can people build pet communities with this globally or is this exclusive to certain geo locations?

?makers Looks like a very nice app! How are you planning to leverage the network effect? Congrats on the launch!

A place with cute doggos and no politics - love that! ❤️

We built Zoomies because we wanted to provide a safe, fun, helpful place for anyone and everyone who LOVES pets. No politics, No negativity... just 100% pure pet-centric joy! Please let us know what you think! Download for iPhone -> https://www.zoomies.pet/apple Download for Android -> https://www.zoomies.pet/android

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