Yala Meeting

Fondateur de : Saeed Halawani

App de réunion et de conférence

Yala Réunion est votre réunion cloud sécurisé et vidéoconférence en ligne App qui vous permet de vous connecter en toute sécurité avec jusqu’à 60 participants dans une réunion.

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Yala Means “Let’s Have” so Yala Meeting! Yala Meeting is a cloud meeting and online video conferencing app built for everyone who wants to have a unique, secure, and easy experience. At the Yala Meeting, we believe in transparency and honesty. Data stored in the app’s private directories are not accessible by any other apps or processes. Yala Meeting allows you to securely connect with up to 60+ participants in one meeting. Yala Meeting App Features: • Our subscriptions plan less than a cup of coffee price, enjoy security, no limit, and no ADS! • Create or join meetings from any iPhone mobile or Ipad. • High-quality audio and video meeting experience. • Join meetings directly using the shared meeting ID. • Join meetings by pasting the meeting ID inside the app. • Make your meetings private by adding a password to them. • Chat with everyone during the meeting. Yala Meeting is made with Love, You can contact us anytime at support@yalameeting.com

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