Fondateur de XSight : Yuriy Pleskach

iOS Architect/Tech Lead @XSight

Site Web

Fondateur de XSight : Oleksandr Kyrylin

Android developer at XSight

Fondateur de XSight : Mykola Podolian

software engineer at XSight
Trouvez des amis et des lieux en RA grâce à la caméra de votre téléphone.

XSight est une application de réalité augmentée qui affiche du contenu sur les personnes et les lieux à travers la caméra de votre téléphone. Nous aidons les gens à devenir reconnaissables, et à interagir en ligne en fonction de ce qu’ils voient. Ou, plus simplement, une application sociale de type PokemonGO 🤩 – ” pointer, cliquer “.

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Commentaires :

@zeely Thanks!, we're glad you liked it 🙌

Very cool product 🔥 The level of design is impressive 😎

@panda_mum it's available in all countries at the moment, but some of the devices are not supported. That is because we use PlayStore version of ARCore for device tracking. We are working on a fix for this.

@wout_at_bunkai Thanks for your support!

Looks brilliant, good luck! Great intro video!!

it's not available in Turkey (google play) how can i download ?

@tt_bb thanks!

Great :)

@sergii_kozyrev Exactly that. Instead of something boring, this is more fun.

Boom! That's great) We are going to run a pilot with a big conference soon!

@jmokhtar that's a nice idea, thanks. In Sydney (not too sure if it's the same in other areas) we use qr checkins for every indoor facility now. With XSight we can get rid of qr or complement it

@david_mayboroda we'll get there soon!

@lopatiyb haha, I think "Black Mirror app" is a leading comparison right now, according to PH and social media comments :)

@sriraman2 glad you like it!

@jabuticaba Thanks for feedback, Anna! We're also hope that people who visit conferences, festivals and other events, will use XSight app to save time and make communication with speakers much easier and fun ✌️

@katheriandrew Thanks for feedback, Katheri!

Wow, Interesting :O!

I liked so much the idea of applying this app as a tool for conferences/festivals. it's always hard to see something on participants' badges. That would help a lot!

@sergii_kozyrev Thats great :)

@jmokhtar thanks for your support! Working hard to blend virtual and real 💪

Congrats on launching! Awesome work. Really love the video concept. I would love to see more businesses utilize this kind of technology instead of QR codes.

Interesting! Social feature is indeed unique. But apart of it XSight provides an alternative way to find answers visually, just like pointing with a finger. For example, if you want to order a food delivery and find gluten free options - XSight will not be the best tool, it's easier to do with Uber eats. But if you are walking past a cafe and curious if they have gluten free options - you can just open XSight, point camera to this shop, click the hologram and see gluten free option (provided you choose Gluten Free search filter by default - this functionality is in progress right now, but checking cafe's website and menu is already available). This looks like a faster and more convenient way to get straight answer in this case.

@sergii_kozyrev What I'm saying that it requires some extra-hustle and dancing around to start using/sharing securely. Could be an obstacle for frictionless user onboarding. How do you see the transition between conventional apps like gmaps and your app, what should be the good reason for firing your app instead? What's unique in terms of content (in absence of other people)?

@gmail @mohammed_rahil_azeez boom, done!

@sergii_kozyrev Now, this can create a BOOM in the market. Looking forward to connecting with you on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohammed-rahil-azeez or you can mail me at officialrahilazeez@gmail.com

@rosalieedward amazing! Please let us know how it went.

@mohammed_rahil_azeez wow, helps you like it! Check the app and tell us how it goes - use in app feedback or shoot me a message. By the way, we might have some shared interests with RentEra. XSight has a concept of extensions - they provide extra capabilities, such as food/shopping AR holograms. With RentEra extension we can show rental properties in AR. So that users can check what properties are available for rent in this building. Let’s chat more about this opportunity.

@mohammed_rahil_azeez Thanks for your feedback, Mohammed! We're highly appreciate your support ✌️

@rosalieedward Thank you for your feedback & support, Rosalie!

@andreybudnik turning unimaginable into a reality - isn’t this something worth pursuing?

@mila_sinica haha, “Sci-fi app” is another candidate for the best alternative name alongside Black Mirror App :)

@new_user_163edcf081 thanks for the support! Yeah, mobile phone AR is a starting point. This ride continues far beyond this!

@benfraser thanks, I’m glad to hear this. Unlocking the full potential of AR - sounds like a great slogan!

Am I the only one who got goosebumps just by seeing this Product Intro? Kudos! You guys are making it soo smooth. Wish I could contribute anything for your Product. Definitely an Upvote and 5 /5.

Amazing, like really. Future happens now with this AR app, waiting AR glasses arriving, with them it will feel like totally new world. Huge like for pushing our future closer)

@sergii_kozyrev wow! The future is here! Sci-fi app!

Awesome product! Some 5 years ago I couldn’t even imagine this can be real :)

@cathyraffaele Thank you! Great to hear such positive words;)

@cathyraffaele Thank you, Catherine ✌️

@ivandivnich Thank you for trying our product:) We appreciate it very much!

This looks so fun! What an awesome idea!

Hey @sergii_kozyrev, massive congrats on launching XSight on Product Hunt! So excited to follow XSight's journey to unlocking the full potential of AR!

@sheikh_zeeshan thanks for the support Zeeshan!

This is amazing, looks so cool !

Awesome! Even in Our not best tech city it's works great! Good luck guys!

@sameen_ahmed Thanks, such feedback gives us even more fuel to move forward!

@sergii_kozyrev Thanks for bringing the future Closer

@romson_v_r time to download the app then ;)

@varvara_semenova thanks!

I have been waiting for this kind of app, thanks for making it a reality Sergii, Good Luck!

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