Fondateur de Uteach : Hrayr Shahbazyan

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Fondateur de Uteach : Shushanik Shahbazyan

Co-Founder at Uteach

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Fondateur de Uteach : Lusine Mkhitaryan

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Créez votre entreprise d’enseignement en quelques minutes

Uteach est une plateforme tout-en-un permettant de créer une entreprise d’enseignement en quelques minutes. Avec Uteach, les utilisateurs peuvent profiter des avantages des webinaires en direct et enregistrés, des évaluations de tests automatisées, des horaires en ligne, des cours de groupe sur leur propre site web, d’une application mobile, et plus encore.

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Well done, good job. Good luck guys

@maria_brm Thanks a lot for kind words and support ❤️😍

@shushanik_shahbazyan Hi Shushanik! ^_^ I have presented Uteach to my team, and it's on our list for the next project! <3 Thanks for sharing great news, and biiiig congratulations! I hope it will bring a huge success, and I'll be happy to support! ^__^

@maria_brm hey Maria :) I wonder if You tried Uteach. By the way, we launched our product on AppSumo and you can get a lifetime deal. Check here - http://appsumo.8odi.net/uteach

@ankitakaudare hi :) I wonder if you tried Uteach. It would be great to get your feedback. Pls, write to shushan@uteach.io . By the way, I have a good offer for you. <3

@malissia_brobst Hi again ) Hope you're doing good. I've a good news. We launched Uteach on AppSumo and now you can have a lifetime access to Uteach and start your training business. Check the deal and let me know if you have any questions- http://appsumo.8odi.net/uteach

@hrayr_shahbazyan1 fantastic, I look forward to seeing that, thank you for getting back to me 😁

@natemaingard Thank you Nathan. Right now we are working on article where we will compare everything and publish in our blog.

Excited to see this arrive on Appsumo, congrats team! I'm very interested and am currently deciding between your platform and Heights Platform. They seem more established and I love their challenges feature! I'd love to see a feature comparison between you and them, do you have one? Wishing you all the best either way and hoping to be a customer soon

Hello all! For me it is very valuable that everyone can now earn money through their knowledge and skills. It's great that people are able and willing to share their knowledge and skills. It was thanks to one of these platforms I learned what is financial modeling on https://www.wallstreetoasis.com/resources/financial-modeling/what-is-financial-modeling. This, in turn, helped me tremendously in building my own business. I decided to open a chain of bakeries in my hometown and it was very important for me to build some financial models in order to understand how to act in certain situations. Thanks to this I was able to avoid financial collapse.

@shushanik_shahbazyan Perfect! Thanks a lot! <3

@maria_brm that's nice. If you have any questions, here is my Email shushan@uteach.io :) feel free to write.

@shushanik_shahbazyan Amazing! ^_^ Thanks a lot for the answer Shushanik! ^_^ Surely! A project like this totally deserves it, so you are very welcome! ^_^ I would truly like to become a part of it and to start sharing my knowledge via Uteach *_*

@malissia_brobst , that's great you want to monetize your skills. Uteach has all features for that. You can do SEO, SMM, Google ads and more. And yeah, I think $1k is enough for the start. You need to pay for subscription (or you can choose free trial) and do some ads. Feel free to get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help.

@maria_brm thx for your support and so sorry for the late reply. It's for any kind of business :)

@doegg yeah, it's important and valuable for us too. That's why we found Uteach. Hope you'll like and use it. Tnx for your support.

@aram_gyulnazaryan tnx, Aram jan

@lana_petrosyan tnx Lana jan

@gagik_grigoryan thank you Gagik jan

@sarthak_solanki tnx for your support :)

@nouneh_sa tnx Nouneh jan

@lilit_kirakosyan tnx Lilit jan )

@leila_leila25 tnx a lot :)

Now I want to go into the training business. I'm pretty good with graphics programs, and I can work in Photoshop as a designer and artist. I think it's time for me to open my drawing school. Does your app only provide advertising within the app or sync with social networks like Instagram? Does it allow me to calculate the contribution margin, which will let me decide whether such an investment is profitable or not? How much should I start promoting my future school? Is about $1k enough for such a business?

Hello all! For me it is very valuable that everyone can now earn money through their knowledge and skills. It's great that people are able and willing to share their knowledge and skills.

Good job, congratulations.

Really like the idea. Great job!

An amazing user friendly platform, congrats with launch!!!

Congratulations on the launch. EdTech keep on booming!

Really helpful for teaching!

Congrats and wish you best of luck

Amazing job! Congrats with the launch, all the best :)

@tigran_nazaryan jan, thanks a lot 🤗

Congrats @hrayr_shahbazyan1 @shushanik_shahbazyan with the launch! Wish you further successful growth. 🎉

@doctor4africa happy to help you )

Good Product Would love to try it !!

Շնորհավորում եմ մեկնարկի կապակցությամբ։

Brilliant! *_* Congrats on the launch! It is giving a great opportunity to help others, share knowledge and experience, and still earn something..^_^ Can you tell me is it a general or a specific business related? :))

@avomania Thank you very much.

amazing product! The future of education is cohort-based learning and it will be powered by Uteach!

@arlu2022 thx a lot Mary Ann :)

@margarita_petrosova tnx a lot :)

It's amazing!

Its a big help to the community, specially now that most classes are conducting online . Congrats to the whole team.

@perkins_l thank you Larry

Fantastic job

We too ;) Looking forward for more achievements

Hi Anastasiia, thank you for your support and feedback. Right now we have "The home assignments" and "course feedback". Next quarter we are going to add forum for teachers so they can share their experience. Also we are thinking of a ways to add gamification, because lot of people wants that.

Hi! Congrats on your launch! Looks awesome. My mother is a full-time teacher at school, so I am really into this topic. What features do you have in your roadmap? The first things that come to my mind are - the home assignments; - lessons with votings and other interactive elements for private groups of students; - course rates and feedback; - integrations with other services such as Google Docs/Slides; - some gamification elements for students, such as motivational messages or virtual teachers; - a community of teachers to share the experience, etc.

@dora_blazevic thank you 😊

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