Tiny Softbox

Fondateur de Tiny Softbox : Alexander Sandberg

Mobile Engineer, MSc in Product Design

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Boîte à lumière simple

Une application simple avec de nombreux cas d’utilisation, qu’il s’agisse d’éclairer votre visage pendant des appels vidéo ou de vous aider à régler la lumière parfaite pour vos photos.

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@larkef Thanks, Jord! Happy you like it. 🙂

This is awesome, have my upvote.

@chrismessina Great idea! Would love to integrate it with the menu bar somehow, but I haven't yet figured out the best way to do it. 🙂

@alexandberg you should combine this with Hand Mirror for Mac!

Hi everyone! 😊 I recently joined a team in another timezone and needed a solution to my bad office lighting during video calls at night, so I made this simple app that I launched yesterday. — 🎚 You can adjust the brightness, set the temperature of the light, and apply color filters with varying opacity. You can also save your favorite settings as presets. That’s about it… for now at least. 💡 Other than to help light up your face during video calls, you can also use it as a softbox or accent light for your photography, as a tracing board on your iPad, as a reading/mood light on your iPhone, or whenever else you might need some extra light. 💫 While I’ve experimented with free apps before, I decided to make Tiny Softbox a paid app—mostly due to my curiosity for learning about the differences between launching and maintaining a free app vs. a paid app. 💵 For now, it's $2/€2 once on the (Mac) App Store—one purchase for all your devices. I think that's a fair price? — I hope someone else can find some value in this tiny app other than myself. Let me know what you think, and please send any feedback or requests my way! 🎄 Happy Holidays!

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