Talking Avatar

Fondateur de Talking Avatar : Ayla Fang

Créateur d’avatars parlants alimenté par l’IA

Talking Avatar est une boîte à outils avancée de création d’avatars qui utilise l’IA pour créer vos propres avatars de type CG/humain à partir de photos de selfie.🎉 Vous pouvez ensuite télécharger le fichier avatar parlant résultant, l’intégrer dans n’importe quel contenu !🤩.

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Are you a content creator? Do you want to add avatars to your existing content? You can create spokesperson videos in minutes! No skills are required. Just choose one of our 200+ voices and start creating. Also, our avatars are green-screened,so you can embed them in any existing content!🤩 It's really easy to get started: Step1: Select your avatar, you can also reface your avatar with one selfie! Step2: Type/ Paste your script, and then choose the voice you like:) Step3: Enter your email address! You will get your video within 5 min!:) To keep you in the loop - we've added more characters and engaging voices for your scenario, just click the link below & Try it now!

It looks like we are already in the future. Congrats on your launch!

@ayla_fang ohh got it, my bad sorry.

@wad Usually this should take 5-30 minutes, pls check your promotional & spam folder just in case:) or you can try it again, sometime it caused by we got wrong email address:(

@ankitakaudare thanks Ankita for all your support! looking forward to your suggestions!:)

@musictriage i use an M1 pro and its working well

I didn3t get my video through the email??

I'm liking this Product but there's some suggestion i have! would give after using it couple of more times!! anyways i liked the product very much!! :) :)

@ankitsharmaofficial Hi Ankit, talking avatar is unlimited credits now:) You can try it! AI presenter is another product (3 credits) while it can create long video(up to 10mins)!

not totally free yet, just 3 credits. give some monthly free credits if you want some real users for feedback.

I like the idea, but the typing doesn't seem to work from my Mac.

@ismet_osman1 it's totally free now!

How much will this service cost?

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