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Fondateur de : angelo libero

Product Designer | Front-end Developer

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Editeur/générateur de palettes puissants pour les designers modernes

Le plugin Supa Palette pour Figma est un éditeur/générateur de palettes puissant pour les designers modernes. Créez rapidement de belles palettes, harmonieuses et accessibles ou exportez-les pour les cadres Web les plus populaires.

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Hello, Hunters! 👋 I recently quit my job and started building my ideas, follow my dreams and become an Indie Maker and freelancer 🚀 💬 The Story As product designer and front-end developer I always wanted to find a better way to manage palettes, something that could make happy designers and developer and save hundreds of hours without any compromise. 🎨 The product Supa palette is my second Figma plugin and is part of a series of "Supa Products" that aims to improve the way designer and developers works ⚡️ Features: - [NEW] Multiple palettes manager/editor - [NEW] Save palettes and reuse them across all your projects - [NEW] Improved editor/generator and contrast checker - Quickly generate a palette from one color, local style or from a selection - Switch between "Tint and shades" and "Opacities" colors scale - Export palettes for Chakra UI, Material UI, Tailwind, CSS, CSS Vars, JSON - Choose the number of stops for each palette - 8 color modes: RGB, LRGB, HSL, HSV, HSI, LAB, OKLAB, LCH - Automagically correct lightness for balanced palettes - Desaturate - Accessibility: automatic color contrast validator (check WCAG standard) - Save palette colors as document local styles - Add palette colors guide into the document - Automatic and unique name autogeneration based on the selected color

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