State of Independence 2021

Fondateur de State of Independence 2021 : Allison Nulty

Building products @ Contra.

Fondateur de State of Independence 2021 : Lee Mulvey

Senior Frontend Engineer @ Contra

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Fondateur de State of Independence 2021 : Thomas McFarlane

Software Engineer
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Une analyse de tout ce qui concerne le travail indépendant

Contra, avec Li Jin, présente le rapport The State of Independence. Nous avons interrogé plus de 10 000 travailleurs indépendants dans les domaines de la conception, de l’ingénierie, des produits, de la rédaction, du marketing de contenu, etc.

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@allison_nulty Extremely happy to have a PM like you!!!

What an incredible resource~!

To be honest, I think there is little valuable information provided in this big (and heavy*) page. Compare this to Stack Overflow survey for example and you will notice a huge difference. Plus, we don't get to know the demographics and countries of the 10,000 people who participated in the survey. I have a feeling that most of them are in the US which means the numbers might not give correct global image of independent workers. Hope to see better and more detailed representation in the future!

This Report, was made so well. Extremely fun and interactive to read. "Contra" does it again!

I think it's really nice and I love waht is being done here, it's just amazing

Sleek and efficient! I love what you guys are doing with contra and I'm proud to be one of the earliest users.

Am super excited for wats next to come... A lot of effort must av gone into building this up..

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@fredi_walter_schmidt INTERESTING PROJECT..Very NICE THE NFT

Really a nice report. The designer are really talented. I love it.

Very nice project. In this pandemic situation we needs more such works. Thank you

Hello everyone, it's really exciting presenting The State of Independence Report 2021. But thank you to you guys for this invited. There is nothing here any freelancer. Most valuable

Excellent experience. Recently I know this business experience. It's so exciting to launch the first annual state of independent. I love the visuals and the design.Thanks.

download this report and I love it, I congratulate you on your project

Excellent presentation! I would love to try this. Best of luck!

Thanks for sharing.very innovative information.keep going

Wow congratulations. I hope the report will be good.

Looks amazing what contra is doing recently! really worthy of praise! keep it up.

nice project i interest it

Congratulations launching project

this is very useful and helpful post.

Excellent experience. Recently I know this business experience. It's so exciting to launch the first annual state of independent. I love the visuals and the design.

It's a great work. Thank you for sharing

Your visuals are awesome!

Very effective and good. .I really appreciate that..highly recommended

Being independent in the work field is very much important to maintain the work-life balance and mental peace. It only can be anyone’s dream job then. I just went through the report of contra and appreciate their efforts to make a report on this subject whereas many people think getting paid high is can be the only perfect thing in their job profile not about the freedom of their work.

Awesome awesome I am really watching a dream working with you

I loved the presentation. Great website and absolutely stunning graphics! The nice thing coming in. I appreciate that The software is designed for multi-tasking.

In this pandemic, we really need work ,I think it's a great platform, for those who want to earn money and work on their own independently,

@ljin18 I appreciate this idea so much. I hope one-day independent work opportunities will increase with this project.

very good said,nice work.

I appreciate this idea so much. I hope one-day independent work opportunities will increase with this project.

What a amazing experience on the report....Wow.

This is amazing. Contra is the brand new expert community that lets in all and sundry to paintings for themselves. We offer the gear and infrastructure had to construct your profession across the lifestyles you want, our task is to permit all and sundry love what you do.

excellent project that expands many possibilities to each participant in this digital world

That's a great project. Thanks.

The world has changed and the future of work is flexible. If you have ever thought about going independent, becoming a business of one, or freelancing, this report will give you a good idea of what it takes and how others are doing it.

That really cool to build a perfect career while being on social media. And really appreciable one !!!!

this state of independence report is going to help aspirants a lot to shape their career and the choices they should make.

Thank you for launching this great Network to enable and ease our careers, looking to great cooperation and coordination

This is so mind blowing explained easy way to start online business start efficiency. Great site that assists me greatly in my work, and I would recommend it to others.

Excellent work. Superb and very efficient team. Great going. Keep it up. Thank you.

I love this report without a doubt I have read it in its entirety and it is very interesting

Wow! very creative i love it

I think this product is good quality and worth it

Love the idea, awesome report. I hope your creative work will come true.

Nice. Congrats

It sounds nice however are you looking for jobs or are working withe employees? Or it is a site for freelancers?

@ljin18 Congrats on the launch! 🎉

Great work. The future is indeed changing. Working remote is the new concept and will be life-changing for many people.

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