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Une page de démarrage entièrement personnalisable, open-source

Organisez votre navigateur startpage de toute façon que vous voulez! Fentez vos sites les plus visités et les signets importants dans les mailles; que ce soit dans des colonnes simples, ou en utilisant les tailles de lignes pour dicter leur importance relative/élévation.

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@dansmith I'm going to try it thank you all for your hard work and long hrs. I like the challenge. Thank you Dan

@kelly_storms Hi! I have tried to make the documentation as clear as possible, although I do agree that at first glance it looks complicated. Hopefully, if you can work through it methodically it shouldn't be to difficult, as it is mostly duplicating elements and replacing links. Thanks for taking the time to check Shelf out!

Maybe I should have went to the website first? ha, ha, ha, I don't know anything about coding. Is it difficult from what I read? Would I be able to do it myself? Thank you once again

Team Click One, Product Hunt Testers. Hello everyone my name is Kelly it looks amazing everyone did a great job I love the colors I love the setups love all the options you can choose I am on over 200 platforms besides Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram, we do a lot of promotion there are a lot of different products we get the word out. Very busy all of the time you all did a great job on this application, I can't wait to start using it. I respect you all for all the hours you have to spend away from your families doing what you love to do. Thank you all very much

Hi everone, I created Shelf because I wanted a locally-accessible browser startpage that enabled me to organise my bookmarks by relative size - to represent importance and to increase ease-of-access to the places I visit the most (also, I just wanted to experiment with some cool gradient designs). Additionally, I wanted my searchbar to be focused when the browser loads, to start searching as soon as it opens (without having to click on any input fields, because after all, if you're not clicking on a bookmark, you're probably opening your browser to search something up). I hope you find it useful!

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