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Convertir Gmail en PDF sur votre disque dur local

Cette application est un e-mail de ‹fast» vers le convertisseur PDF. Vous pouvez enregistrer tous vos e-mails, ou une sélection de courriels vers les formats de fichiers PDF, TXT et HTML pour la sauvegarde sur votre disque dur. Pour une sécurité supplémentaire, vous pouvez crypter votre fichier ou l’enregistrer en format PDF compact aussi!

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@raksha_shetty Sounds like a match made in heaven! :)

The only tool we need

@celian_bertin Thanks Celian!

Really a great product to save time.

@nabeel_amir Awesome. Thanks, Nabeel!

@maya_ovice Glad we can fill that void for you and help you discover new email productivity tools! :)

@bobby_carlton Thanks Bobby!

Congratulations on your launch. Amazing Product.

This looks like a small fix I never knew I needed. I'll be looking into this. Congratulations in the launch.

CloudHQ creates smart products. This is another great tool!

@monica_phillips Hi, Monica! So nice to see you here! I love how you're using Save Emails to PDF! Are you using the encryption feature too? I always find it a good idea when saving my receipts to send to my accountant.

How many of us have misplaced important emails? Or want to have a more organized system for saving emails? This is it! It also helps me save a step for email receipts to get them to the right place.

@michael_goetzman Thanks Michael!


@audreymelnik @rubymarandos Glad you got your answer! ;)

@rubymarandos I see you responded further down. Smart cookie!

@audreymelnik @nassaraf This is exactly what I was thinking of. Thanks for covering all the bases!

I could think of a few ways to use this... ;) Congrats on the launch!

@ronaldo_cameranda Exactly the perfect use case for this app!

@fabiola_westley You're so right!! This is actually what a lot of our business customers use it for. If not to AWS, they save it to OneDrive or Sharepoint.

I can dig it. I can send receipts to the guy that runs my books.

What Naomi didn't mention is that by law, every company NEEDS a copy of all their emails for the last 7 years. If there's any lawsuit, and you don't have your company domain emails, you're automatically found guilty in court. I use this app to store the PDF by user in my AWS S3 account. Keeps it clean and ready for anything in case I'm hit with anything legal.

@new_user_157202214cccd63fd Yes, we think so too! Hope you have a chance to try it out in action!

Super useful

@idaya Excellent. We love it too!

@benjamin13 Thanks for using it! 💯

@aslantlv Great question. We market it inside our own eco-system of cloudHQ email productivity apps, but I personally love SEO, so I'm doing a ton of that! In fact, after this launch, I'm pretty confident that I can give Adobe a run for their money and they own "PDF"! ;)

@asadul_3 Thanks Asadul!

@1arifali11 💯💯💯

@christopher_lafayette1 Hey Christopher! Thank you for all your continued support!

@arry_rlene Thanks Larry!

@sun_sun_sun Depends on what the use case is... there's best practices if you just want a Gmail label saved, or a search result saved vs the entire inbox. Why not take a quick read on our blog about PDFs to capture any use case (that I can think of) regarding how to use this app: I've written over 20 blogs by now for each case like: legal, HR, saving emails for backup, saving a Gmail label.

@josefbrown Well, we have over 100,000 users on it at the moment, so we think the trajectory is pretty positive. :) It's really just a part of the cloudHQ eco-system of apps:

Great launch 🚀! I love the idea.

Awesome product! How are you marketing this at the moment apart from PH?


@jannie_kauf Thanks Jannie! Our design team worked hard to button it all up!

@carlo_thissen Thanks Carlo! We sure try!

@thekunalmathur Hi Kunal, Thanks so much! I use this app all the time and it really is important to keep all those emails safe.

@andriyleu Excellent! Thank you!!

This looks pretty simple to implement. Congrats on the launch!🚀

Your product is as genius as simple it is. Love it!

This tool looks very useful and can come in handy for safekeeping records of confidential business email conversations. Keep up the good work!

Just tested and works straight forward, thanks!

@misha_kouznetsov Hey Misha! Sounds great– if you need any help, you know how to reach me!

Thank you @nassaraf, I will def take a look!

@karol_andruszkow If the movie, GIF, and blog don't tell you how it works, you should just hop in and try it for yourself! It definitely has all the feature bells and whistles.

@karimsaif Yesss! :)


That’s probably why it’s one of our flagship products ;) Enjoy!

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