SaaS Funding Napkin 2022

Fondateur de : Christoph Janz

Partner at Point Nine Capital

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Fondateur de : David Ola

Associate @ Point Nine

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@chrija I was intrigued how things have changed for founders over the last 6 years, so I took the liberty of taking your data and tracking it since the inception of the Napkin and published my findings (and the raw data) at Shout if you notice anything incorrect in that post.

please make your site https

I will be interested)

This is fantastic! Kudos to the team!

As a SaaS founder this is gold

@shushant_lakhyani Thank you, Shushant!

@jsteneros Thank you, Johan, glad you like it!

@imtiyaz922 Thank you!

@mrandydavis Thank you, Andy! Appreciate it.

@gauravgoyal_gg Thank you, Gaurav! Great to hear you found it useful!

This is very helpful for all budding SaaS entrepreneurs out there! Congratulations on the launch!

Great project 👍

It's a valuable napkin.

Awesome! I just like the idea of presenting additional uses of the napkin! Good work!

Thanks, @chrija! have shared

Thanks for sharing this. Super insightful :)

@johannes_hoetter Thank you!

Great insights, @chrija. Thanks for sharing and updating the napkin :)

In 2016 I thought about what it takes to raise capital for SaaS startups and tried to fit the answer on the back of a napkin. At first, it was a virtual napkin, but we soon produced a real napkin, became the unofficial napkin supplier of SaaStr and SaaStock, and kept updating it once a year. Today we’re excited to share the new version of the SaaS Funding Napkin!

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