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Pour utiliser les jetons d’Ethereum dans DeFi, vous devez accorder une indemnité pour dépenser des jetons en votre nom. Les allocations sont une partie importante de DeFi, mais peuvent être dangereuses si elles ne sont pas contrôlées. Avec Revoke. l’argent que vous pouvez inspecter et révoquer ces indemnités.

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Browser extension is a great addition to an already great product 👍


One of the few products in web3 that has a ton of users. Revoke offers value to anyone using permissionless apps. Can't wait to see how you will develop the product and improve web3 consumer security. I am an avid user!

Amazing product extension of ✨ The app was already awesome but having this protection/warning on every site you visit is awesome! Install this extension before you get rekt!

Finally something that offers me peace of mind

Really amazing product - need of the hour!


Hey PH! Rosco here, creator of While token allowances are necessary when using DeFi, they can also be quite risky when left unchecked. To mitigate these risks I developed, a dashboard to inspect and revoke your allowances. was initially launched in 2019 but over the years it has grown into a staple security tool for the crypto space. Some feature highlights: - shows allowances for ERC20, ERC721 & ERC1155 tokens - can revoke or edit allowances - works with 30+ different blockchains, including Ethereum, Avalanche and Polygon - can prevent you from signing malicious allowances (using the official browser extension) Thank you @chrismessina for hunting Would love to get some feedback and happy to answer any questions on here!

This definitely offers piece of mind and a fast and easy way to make sure that your wallets aren't unnecessarily exposed!

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