Prepaid AI Content by ContentBot

Fondateur de Prepaid AI Content by ContentBot : Nick Duncan


Fondateur de Prepaid AI Content by ContentBot : Dylan Auty
Payez le contenu de l’IA au fur et à mesure que vous en avez besoin.

Obtenez votre rédacteur AI prépayé et un contenu AI de haute qualité que vous payez au fur et à mesure de vos besoins. Utilisez l’IA la plus avancée au monde pour écrire à votre place. Contenu de blog, pages de renvoi, textes publicitaires et bien plus encore.

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@nickduncan Great Work!!! one question, how big is the Indian market for your product?

@foundereric Thank you SO much Eric 💙

Phenomenal product and founder! Content is the best way to grow your website organically, give it a go today.

@dagorenouf Happy days!

Awesome way to only write a handful of articles without paying too much. Thanks for doing this.

@satyendra_sahani Thank you!

@irina_heinz Thank you for the constructive feedback Irina!

Looks useful. Congrats on the Launch.

As a content marketer, I really need tools like this. But, of course, according to my observations, AI doesn't yet cope with complex topics, the quality of the texts is not very high. With simpler topics, things are much better. I'll continue to test your tool with different formats and topics. P.S. Since there is always a very biased attitude towards such tools, maybe it would be a good idea to make some free trial for a minimum number of characters to give more motivation to try it. And to love it of course. Congrats on the launch and good luck! Really great job done 🚀

@duyk_me Thank you Duyk!

I am a ContentBot user for months and it is really great tool! I wrote many blogs, emails, tweets and more. I think, prepaid model gives a huge advantage for new users. You can use only when you need and you don't have to pay every month. Great for users. Congrats!

@aashnisshah Thank you Aashni 💙

@jstrellner Thanks Joel - appreciate your feedback!

I'be been a happy customer with Contentbot for months and it's honestly one of the BEST marketing tools in my arsenal! Kudos on the new launch! I can see this helping many more people!

This looks awesome, and I can’t wait to try it! Love the new business model idea—it makes perfect sense from a subscription fatigue point of view, too.

@antovtok Looking forward to hearing what you think about it Tom!

@roberto_robles Thank you Roberto! :D

@shai_unterslak Thank you!

Very useful stuff, I’m excited to try it. Great job!

Love this!

Awesome product 🔥 It's great that you are providing more options you your users. Congrats 🎉

Hi Everyone 🎉 Over the last few months as the AI content world has exploded, we've seem some amazing products, and some not-so-amazing and unethical 🙄 products fill up the landscape. We at ContentBot have always taken an ethical stand on how we proceed with our product and we've tried to influence the space in a positive manner. We've been building ContentBot now for almost a year and it's been an amazing ride - we've even been featured on! I'm super grateful to everyone who has been part of the process. With that said, I'd like to introduce a new model that we've introduced: Prepaid AI Content Over the last few months we've noticed a new trend in our industry and the SaaS landscape in general. Many people are no longer comfortable paying for a service that they only use every now and again. That coupled with the fact that India has stopped all recurring transactions means that we've had to be innovative in how we handle new customers from those and other areas. We now offer you the ability to buy a "bucket" of words to use on our platform. You can use these words to generate anything from blog content, ads, slogans, and even brand stories. We've also decided to make use of Purchasing Power Parity pricing so that countries with a weaker purchasing power can receive discount and enjoy our product without breaking their bank account. We still cater for customers that make use of on a more regular basis and have come up with some new monthly plans for those customers. I'm looking forward to all of your feedback!

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