Fondateur de Payercoins : Adeleye victor

Tech Entrepreneur
Les paiements en cryptomonnaie sont facilités

Aider les créateurs et les entreprises à accepter des paiements mondiaux en utilisant la crypto. Nous construisons un monde où tout le monde peut accepter des paiements en crypto depuis n’importe où dans le monde et être réglé dans sa monnaie locale ou son portefeuille crypto préféré presque immédiatement.

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Hi ?makers, This is a brilliant idea! I'm the Regional Ambassador for Product Hunt in Nigeria and I'll love to invite you and your team for a Product Hunt event next Thursday. You may find the link to the Lagos event here Keep up the great job!

We understand that starting a business can be tough, but we believe that getting paid shouldn't be. Hence, our solution - a crypto payment gateway that allows users make and receive payments with crypto from customers, anywhere in the world. They also get to choose to be settled in their local fiat currency or any preferred crypto wallet almost immediately. Don't you think that's great?!

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