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Explorez les micro-startups rentables dans le monde

MicroStartups.co est un répertoire de micro-startups rentables dans le monde. Découvrez comment les meilleures micro-startups ont été construites, lancées et monétisées.

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@sweatc oh ok cool. Will be on the look out for the newsletter then. cheers

@ricardo_marinho_goncalves Exactly. If you have friends feel free to invite them :)

@sweatc I want to say that this project opens the door to new opportunities

@jsteneros People reply to the weekly email newsletter with their questions, and I send them to the product of the week

@bubacarrsowe Thank you! 🚀

@yenire_leal Agree 😊

Looks cool, and i will probably list my new startup. How do you ask questions anonymously though?

Sounds interesting

Looks impressive, keep it up.

Congrats on the launch! Excellent directory. Will be a great advance for micro-startups.

@kakon_faiza 🧡

@d3liaz 🔥

@ricardo_marinho_goncalves Thanks, Ricardo. What do you mean?

@gmabsout Sure thing. Categories would be my next priority.

@fsuaterdogan Thanks, Ferhat 😊

Best of luck.

Great product! Good luck!

Interesting project. I have never seen anything like it before and it opens a new opportunity for investors.

Cool product! Are you focusing on a specific type of micro-startups? Would be cool to see startups by topic/verticals

Good job!

@realomkarbirje Happy to list your next project 🔮

@learnwithvidya 🚀

@k_stopa Thank you 🙏🏻

@kasia_manolas I'm happy to help you, Kasia :)

Explored some never seen micro startups. Great work Ilya.

Congratulations on the launch, Ilya!

@sweatc It totally makes sense, and it's probably the right way to go! Though, it was the first question that came to mind after reading the main copy on the website. Looking forward for the first issue!

Awesome and great job!

I love Microns! Ilya is wonderful to work with too whenever I've emailed him for help.

@roberto_robles Much appreciated, Roberto 🤘

@yarobagriy Appreciate 😊

@yroc92 Thank you, Cory, lovely feedback 🙏🏻

@tomjacquesson Thank you, Tom 🏹

@angezanetti Thank you, Xavier 🌼

@gabriele_jusaityte For simplicity reason through newsletter, but in the future we can build anything. What would you like to have for engaging on the website?

@ryangilbert I plan to deliver high quality product with focus on my customers. For me my users are in priority.

@quarklyteam Will add categories soon, thank you, Artem for your request and support 👍

@ryanckulp You're welcome! Thank you for the project 🔥

Awesome! Congrats on the launch 🎉

Congrats on the launch 🚀

I recently sold a product through Microns, and so I can vouch for its authenticity. So great to see a web product up and running!

Nicely done Ilya!

Very good idea!

Congratulations Ilya! Love the clean interface 🤍 Will users be able to engage on the website or only through the newsletter?

Congrats on the launch! This space seems to be heating up with more and more competitors... how do you plan on continuing to gain subscribers/sales through the platform?

@sweatc Now it's hard to navigate. It needs to have categories. Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure!

congrats on the launch Ilya! just listed one of our small projects :)

@onmyway133 Thank you, Khoa!

Congrats on the launch

@pradeeb28 Thanks!

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