Fondateur de Mailazy : Kunal Saini

Software Development Engineer - Mailazy

Fondateur de Mailazy : Shrey Gupta

Product Manager+Marketer | Growth Hacker

Fondateur de Mailazy : Kartik Jhakal 👷

Product Manager

Site Web
Infrastructure de messagerie électronique en nuage pour l’internet

Mailazy est un puissant système d’email transactionnel conçu pour les développeurs afin d’assurer la livraison de vos emails en boîte de réception. Intégrez et diffusez rapidement vos e-mails dans les boîtes de réception de vos clients grâce à une infrastructure mondiale et une expertise sectorielle sur lesquelles vous pouvez compter.

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Contact me through my email if you want us to know each other (maishaullah202 @ gmail. com)

Contact me through my email if you want us to know each other (maishaullah202@gmail. com)

@imtiyaz922 Thanks. I'm glad to see some positive reviews here. :)

Hey, congrats on the launch. Great work team, inspired by your line of products.

@arnav_gosain Hey Arnav, No yet but receiving emails is in the Pipeline. We will soon start development on this.

I've been looking for a Sendgrid alternative for my side projects. I'm exploring building a newsletter reader SaaS - Does Mailazy support receiving emails yet?

@mitch_mitchell Thanks you so much :)

@kartik_jhakal @sshreeey Congratulations on the launch.

@hedgeavenue Thank you John. We will be glad to have you onboard. :)

@antovtok Thank you Tomas :)

@antovtok Thank you Tomas. Really appreciate :)

Wow, such a great timing. I have currently a side project in a beta testing phase (check if interested), and one of the final things I needed was an email server (currently using Gmail, so sometimes mails end up in spam). I was initially planning to go with Sendgrid, but this looks much more attractive due to the simplicity.

Wow super cheap :O how are you different than elasticemail? or better? In the about page I am missing information from the company employees.

@kartik_jhakal @vaibhav_mapup 100% agree. Good alternative for existing products.

I am glad that there is another good alternative on the market of email sending applications. It is worth mentioning that the price is pretty low. I like this app very much. Upvoted!

@sshreeey @amitt_ydv Hey Amit, Yes, we have AI to detect delivery issues and delivery optimization and for protecting reputation from SPAM and phishing.

@vikram_jain4 Hey Vikram, Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate :)

@yehoshua_zlotogorski Thank you. :)

@savan_kharod1 Let us know feedback.

@savan_kharod1 Thanks mate.

@amy_collison Thank you. :)

@yonitzafrir Thanks, I'm glad you find it useful.

Congratulations on the Launch! @sshreeey

It a first glance, this tool looks easy to use. Can't wait to give it a try! :)

@kartik_jhakal This is very useful tool and easy to use. Good Job done by your team.

@kartik_jhakal @sshreeey is this AI based?

This looks like a really interesting product and personally really like the name!

Congratulations! I was looking for something like that.

@vaibhav_mapup Thank you Vaibhav :)

@vitalii_g Many thanks for the wishes Vitalii :)

@vitalii_g Thank you so much for your kind words. :)

Congrats and wish you streamlined growth!

@chaeschris Thank you Christopher :)


@narendra_pareek Thanks Narendra. I hope you're having a good experience with us.

@kartik_jhakal Simple yet powerful tool! Very professional in elements. Kudos to the team :-)

Hey Mailazy, Congratulation on the launch! It has been very long using Mailazy for sending transactional emails and there is no downside of the product. Thank you for helping businesses around the world. Good work Team!

@deilur Hey Deilur, Thank you for trying out Mailazy. I am glad that you spare some time for us and provided feedback. We do support attachments but we are enabling it on request for free accounts. One of the necessary step to our protect system and IPs.

It's very good, I've already used it few times. The only downside is that for outgoing email it doesn't support attachments. They don't say it, but I confirmed it myself. Hope they can fix that soon!

@amarcp_cp Thanks Amar for your support :)

?makers looks solid keep it up 🚀 🚀 🚀

@stelian_dobrescu1 Thanks Steph, I would love to have you onboard.

@nik_hazell Thanks Nik.

Nice, was waiting for a Sendgrid alternative. Absolutely love the logo. I often use Sendgrid with Next JS/Node and I can tell you tutorials to integrate with a form or something similar go a long way. I'll switch from Sendgrid first chance I'll get.

Nice one @sshreeey and ?makers, Mailazy looks like an awesome tool! Love your video as well 👍😻

@savian_boroanca Thanks Savian. Really appreciate.

@new_user_6e20bf0401 Thank you Eugene :)

@kartik_jhakal this is a powerful solution. Congrats on the launch! 🚀

@yankovichv You are welcome Vladimir. Yes, Team spent days and nights to build this product so that we can deliver value to our customers.

Congratulations on the Launch!

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