Fondateur de Letterpad : Abhishek Saha
Une plateforme de blogging sans paywall ni distractions.

Letterpad est une plateforme de blogs gratuite et à code source ouvert, dépourvue de tout paywall et de toute distraction. Elle ne comporte que l’essentiel pour une expérience de lecture et d’écriture pure. L’état de la technologie de pointe rend Letterpad ridiculement rapide.

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@buzzguru_hr Thank you.

Congrats!! Good luck

@abhishek_saha3 Great! All's clear now! Thanks a lot for the answer and explanation! ^_^ Looking forward to start using Letterpad! *_*

@maria_brm thank you Maria. The editor that letterpad uses is integrated with a machine learning model which can do text analysis. Although browsers do support typos, but they are not that smart. Here is a short video how letterpad does it - https://recordit.co/FwK6Zj9XA1

Awesome! *_* Congrats on the launch! ^_^ Is Letterpad integrated or does it provide any grammar checker maybe? :))

@galaxyx7 Thanks Romano. This is an open source project. It will always remain free for those who want to host it themselves and also for those using the platform. At some point, I will think of monetization but it will be on a different application. Like a theme marketplace, or for users who want to promote their post. However, for that to happen, the community is important. Also none of the post will ever have a paywall for reading or writing.

Hey! Congrats on the launch! Is this an open source project or are you planning to monetize it down the line?

@kiraa you said it! Absolutely. Thanks a lot 🙏.

You can do anything if you have enthusiasm, congrats!

@codebat nice work Akshat. Many thanks for the review.

@pouya_rad Thank you so much Pouya for taking the time to provide this feedback. Login and Registration is a critical workflow. I will test this thoroughly and fix all the glitches you faced. I do see the problem with the URL you mentioned. So thanks again for providing enough information about this.

I'm excited to try this out! Though, I initially had some trouble registering and accessing the app though (but was able to figure it out). I created my account via email and tried to login, but it said password incorrect so I went to the the Forgot Password page, which gave me a 404 error once I inputted my email (route is: https://letterpad.app/admin/admin/login). I received the reset password email, but saw the "verify your email" email too, so I did that and was able to login using my initial credentials. I'm not sure I saw a "Please verify your email" message after I initially registered, but if there is one already, then my feedback is to make it much larger :-) Cheers!

@shirish_shikhrakar I forgot to mention, you can change the entire branding. Header, Footer, navigation menu, etc.

@shirish_shikhrakar Thanks Shirish. I am writing a blog to explain all the queries. Basically, the platform can be used in two ways. 1. Currently there is one minimalistic theme. More themes will be available soon. You can change all the colors of this theme from the dashboard. But no structural changes. 2. You can use the platform for maintaining your blog but you take care of the theme by yourself. Your theme will be able to communicate with the platform with the help of a key. This theme can be a static site as well which you can host freely on various platforms like vercel, github, etc. If you have any suggestions or feedbacks, let me know and I will be able to prioritize them as per demand.

Hi @abhishek_saha3. Congrats on the launch. Wanted to ask, how customizable is the platform in terms of theming and design?

@codebat Thanks Akshat 🙏. I am on it.

@cyberlancer Thanks Vadim 🙏

@risnadewi Thanks Risna. Please do and let me know if you have any suggestions/feedbacks 🙏..

@asterlee Thanks a lot Aster 🙏.

love the idea behind this. Congrats on the launch!

I am considering starting my own blog soon and will definitely try this out! Congrats on the launch!

Looks great 🔥

Thanks Akshat for checking it out 🙏. Yes I am on it.

Thanks Rajeev 🙏

Amazing work. Congratulations on launching Letterpad!!!

@basharath Thank you 🙏

Looks interesting. Congrats!

Hey Everyone, I am super excited to launch my first product on Product Hunt - Letterpad. Letterpad is an open source project built for independent bloggers. Building on the principle of "Less is More", Letterpad is minimalistic in terms of features but powerful in terms of capabilities. Despite the fact that there are lots of blogging tools out there and many of them are excellent in their fields, most of them have a paywall, so it is hard to claim ownership of your space. Letterpad has no paywalls, no distractions, no sidebars, plugins or widgets, with nothing to setup or customize, it only has the essentials for a pure reading and writing experience. Since it focuses more on content, we have integrated AI language tool within the editor to spot grammatical errors (in beta). For developers, they can host this in their own servers and can also contribute in its growth. Its built using NextJS, GraphQL, Apollo, PrismaJS. I am super excited to know what you guys think of Letterpad. I would love to have your feedbacks/suggestions. :) Github - http://github.com/letterpad/letterpad

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