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Le dernier outil dont vous aurez besoin pour gérer le code tiers.

Kurynt est le dernier outil dont vous aurez besoin pour gérer le code tiers. Kurynt combine un parseur avancé GitHub avec l’apprentissage machine pour vous aider et votre équipe à mettre à niveau les paquets, éviter les régressions, et rester à jour avec tout paquet.

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@milmike yes, looks interesting. But again, this looks like automated upgrades as opposed to guided upgrades. My concern here would still be that these tools try to upgrade automatically and inadvertently break your whole codebase.

sounds interesting. Currently I started to use "renovate" which seems to be similar(?) it shows me whats new in the update and how many other devs adapted that version successfully.

@shushant_lakhyani Thanks for the kind words! I'm hoping many devs will love this as well :)

I believe devs are going to love this tool. Congratulations on the launch!

Hi everybody! I'm Chris, the creator of Kurynt. I built Kurynt after numerous and repeated headaches maintaining multiple codebases with innumerable dependencies. Many developers know that sinking feeling every time they inherit a codebase where many packages are long outdated and in need of updates or upgrades. Kurynt is the solution to this problem by rapidly giving you an overview of how far behind you are on all packages used by your codebase. In my opinion, Kurynt is a step above 'dumb' tools like Snyk or Dependabot, which simply create a pull request on your repository on your code with the latest version changes in your package manager. How many of us have honestly immediately merged those changes? I never have, because I know it takes time to review the content of the upgraded packages, review breaking changes, actually install the new packages, and then finally, test the entire codebase to ensure the suggested upgrades are working as suggested. Kurynt seeks to bring intelligence to third-party code management and upgrades. Kurynt can summarize and identify the most critical raised GitHub issues, run sentiment analysis to determine the most cryptic or confusing bugs, and much more. I hope you'll consider giving Kurynt a test drive!

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