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Donnez des félicitations et reconnaissez vos coéquipiers sur Slack.

Ouvrez Slack, tapez votre message de félicitations, marquez votre coéquipier et donnez à votre équipe une visibilité sur les moments qui méritent d’être célébrés – appréciez les GOATs avec des cartes-cadeaux optionnelles et stimulez la culture d’entreprise ! /kudos @Michael Scott : merci d’être le meilleur patron du monde !

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Commentaires :

Thanks @awbcer !!:)

Thanks @peter_graham! Excited for you to give it a go! :)

simple and effective, great work

Great product , plan to use this!

Thanks @dragos_cada !! :)

Looks awesome!

Thanks @noah_palansky !! :)

Thanks @mattcrail !! :) We're super excited for your team to try!! 🎉

Thanks @jonsp81 !! :)

Great idea!

This looks great - excited to try it out!

Congrats on the launch ! Kudos by WFHomie

Thanks @jacqueline_zeller!!:) Agreed, there can never be enough of that! 🙌

Congratulations on the launch @pavla_bobosikova!! Love public celebrations and the tangible appreciation.

Thanks @jayair !! :) Excited for your team to check it out! 🚀

This looks great! Congrats on the launch!

Hey @joegiglio, Great Point! We have a monthly public leader board. And all the messages would be logged and accessible to the admin. Definitely we can think of a better reporting for mangers too.

Congratulations on the launch! Is there any way for a manager to see a summary of kudos for their team members? These would be great to have come review and promotion time.

Thanks @nuel_edeh ! :) Likewise, excited for you and your team to take /kudos for a spin! 🙌

Congrats on the launch 🚀 can’t wait to give this a try!

Thanks @manuel_zamora1 ! Stay tuned, we'll let you know super soon :)

Looks clean, good luck on the launch! Hopefully we're one of the first 100 Slack installs, :).

Thanks @aminesht very kind of you for the recommendation! I hope your team enjoy using it as much! ^^

When I worked for my previous company, we used their product. I really like the concept and how they implement it. Having just started my job, I missed a service like that which would have let me get to know my new colleagues. I’ll definitely recommend them to my new employer.

Thanks @arnavbathla !! :)

Congrats on the launch!

Thanks @itsfarwa :)

Great way to appreciate team members!

Thanks @arminsworld ! We can't wait for you to check it out!! :)

Sweet product! Can't wait to play around more with it. :D

Thanks @shanedjrogers !!:)

Thanks @falah_rajput cannot agree more!! :D

Looks great! Congrats on the launch 🙌

Kudos is a great product - appreciating your coworkers has never been easier! WFHomie team is amazing and doing great work to transform remote work for everyone! 🎉

Thanks @todd_shallbetter ! Trying to step the team culture game up one small step at a time :)

Great tool - every co-worker appreciates recognition, and this beats an emoji every time.

Thanks @jordangraant!! Excited for your team to check it out!

@aleena_dar The only thing that could make this day more special would be some bubble tea!

I love giving kudos to my coworkers!! Everyone loves gift cards. Going to tell my team about this!

@aleena_dar we're always here to spice things up!

Exciting!! Definitely making the future of work even more exciting!

@juliachelaru1 That kind of feedback makes our day!

@jaxson Thank you so much for all your support today. You're a gent!

@dennis_duckworth Yes, we need novel solutions to novel situations. The WFH Revolution needs products like ours to meet the team building needs of today.

@sophie_wyne1 Agreed! Millions of teams are having trouble with team building and peer to peer recognition. Emoji reactions can feel hollow sometimes, this a great advancement!

Thanks @dennis_duckworth! We're here to support exactly that - committed to making remote work work :))

Congrats on the launch. Anything we can access that helps to improve the sense of connection between teammates now that we're all WFH can only help!

Thanks @sophie_wyne1 this is amazing we want to here from all of them :D

This is amazing! Congratulations guys - I have about a million remote teams in mind that could use this

Thanks @srbhmitt

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