Fondateur de : Per Damgaard Husted

CEO, Cognifirm.com

Site Web
Collecte en un clic de données en ligne

Kaddara alimente votre entreprise numérique avec un flux régulier de données en ligne précieuses. Vous pouvez choisir parmi des centaines de sources Internet qui peuvent être téléchargées en un seul clic

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Thanks, Torsten, that is a good tip.

Haven't tried yet, but if it does what it says really useful product. Maybe make it more clear that it is a browser plugin.

Hey Product Hunters! I'm Per, the founder of Kaddara. We are excited to share Kaddara, a no-code data collection platform. We aim to help teams make online data import as easy as ordering products on a website and as powerful as the high-end web scrapers you used to pay big money to use. With Kaddara, we made it possible for you to download the data you need from hundreds of websites with our prebuilt templates. They let you collect the data delivered to you as an Excel file. You can choose between sites that let you collect B2B leads and sites that help you collect product and price information. If you are interested in collecting data from sites that do not have a prebuilt template, you can create new ones in minutes in the drag and drop editor. Our vision is to create a general automation platform for online tasks, and data collection is just the first step. So when you sign in to your (free) account, then you will see that the tool already has built-in Robot Process Automation features that let you automate other tasks you do in a browser. Please join our community and let us know if you have questions, comments, or feedback, we're excited to chat with you!

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