Fondateur de iMouse : Max Jacobs

Founder of ✌ melink

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Fondateur de iMouse : Jan Leonovich

Architect / designer

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Fondateur de iMouse : Daniel S

Co-founder of and
Transformez votre iPhone en souris.

L’iPhone est aussi une souris d’ordinateur ! 🖱️ iMouse – Transformez votre iPhone en souris pour iPad, Mac, Windows ! PS : juste pour les farces (la souris pourrait ne pas fonctionner réellement).

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Commentaires :

Same. That's how I did my app. That way you don't have to hunch over. Same with a keyboard. https://app.seedtechnologiesllc....

Name is great! I think turning a moving mouse is too limiting. I went with touch pad then added a full keyboard too so you can use both at the same time. https://app.seedtechnologiesllc....

Smart idea @max15! Probably is with all the sensors it got 🙌

@sureshraju thanks!

@visionoiry yes I’m using iPhone. I even searched the appstore but didn’t the app :(

@wise_osagie 🙌

great product

Caption was so catchy which made me curious to know about the tool. Really cool too..

@yanniks @lucky_jeffman Actually sometimes a touchpad is even better than a mouse ))

@yanniks @visionoiry Well, a touchpad is better than nothing 🤔 😂

@lyondhur 😂

@new_user_31912d0ebbe4e Thanks!

looks good!

I’ll pretend to download and use it. Just for pranks.

@vladimir_demchuk Just for fun! 😜

@clippingpathserviceus ✌️Thanks

@healthusahealthcare Thanks 🙏

@liberi_ntwari Cool!

@swapnil_vats Maybe call it "DroidMouse"😁

@deniz_fox Thanks denis!

@grega_solinc Thank you Grega!

@terrence_ramos Thanks ))

@gmrobiul Thanks from the whole team! Keep alert for what we have coming soon!

@berthakgokong with some Android devices you can’t be sure if it’s a prank app or just another problem with your phone :)

@zarastro_art as a prank it works 100% :)

@merno0sh is it an iPhone? The iMouse is compatible only with Apple products :)

@tferme thanks ☺️

Cool idea! I wish it actually worked! :)

So cool!

When is the Android version coming out? such a fun idea :)

@mitchell_orme Thanks! 😂

For remote working environments this could be incredible! I'm keen to try it out, even if it is a prank!

Pretty nice

@ernest_williams1 Thanks!

Neat idea! Congrats on the launch

Cool idea.

Do you think this is actually possible? Could your iPhone turn into a mouse… And how?!🖱📲

@moritzwallawitsch @john_chukwuebuka Well if you have an iPhone you could use our “mouse” ))

@moritzwallawitsch @max15 How much is imouse

cool idea

@jorge_dieguez 😂thanks, maybe someone will see it and think of a way to make it!

@awbcer thank you!

cool idea! nice :)

Hey, I like that approach 👍🏼

@passingnotes As a trackpad ))

@jorge_dieguez Actually same thinking but firstly we looked into making it, when we saw that it won't really work with the camera and light sensor, we then thought why not post it as a prank!? 😂😂

@biju_das Thanks!

@moritzwallawitsch For each their own ))

Got so excited until I read it was a prank. It got me thinking though, about a couple of possibilities: 1) Through the camera and LED light on. You could read the movement of the phone and use the basic logic of a laser reader to move the mouse. Cons: It would use a lot of the iPhone battery. 2) A simpler approach: A trackpad. My conclusion: *Sigh*

@yanniks @lucky_jeffman yep, but as a touchpad, not as a mouse. So an iPhone-mouse is possible only as a prank ))

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