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Trouvez des événements qui soutiennent des causes qui vous tiennent à cœur est un marché de billets avec du cœur ; les gens peuvent obtenir des billets pour des événements et des opportunités de bénévolat qui soutiennent des causes qui leur tiennent à cœur ! Des nettoyages

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@dawn_veltri1 Hi Dawn, great to hear your interest! We are currently focused in the NYC area and plan to expand in more cities soon! That being said, your nonprofit can take advantage of the Humbler platform and sign up today to list your volunteer/fundraising events. You can search by city today!

As a volunteer coordinator for a non-profit I think this is fantastic. There is a lot of hustle involved in connecting volunteers to the opportunities and events they are interested in. What are your plans for rolling the app out to other areas? I think being able to search events/opportunities by zip code would be useful.

This sounds like an amazing product to help people to connect more with others! I love this idea

I had always felt I can give back more to my community, which is why I made Let me know how you would make Humbler even better and what types of events you want to attend!

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