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Hey everyone, A huge thank you to @Tristan Pollock👏 for hunting the Hazel Quinn slow juicer!:) I’m happy to be able to launch Hazel Quinn filter-free slow juicer here for the whole ProductHunt community! Cleaning juicer is tedious, so we created Hazel Quinn. Remember all the painful scrubbing of mesh strainer for your juicer? We juice a cup in minutes but it consumes us 3 times more to clean one. So we’re here to make sure it’s not. With our innovative filter- and scrub-free design, the Hazel Quinn slow juicer delivers nutrition-packed fresh juice to your daily diet. Cleaning juicer can be simply flush out with tap water. The six removable parts of Hazel Quinn slow juicer are dishwasher safe, so you can dishwasher them too. Installation for Hazel Quinn slow juicer is so easy breezy with our safe and straightforward plug and lock mechanism. You only invest 7 minutes for a cup of nutrition-packed fresh and pure juice - prep ingredients in 1 minute, juice for 5 minutes and clean it in 1 minute too. In case you ask us, why should I buy a slow juicer over a blender? Our conclusion is a slow juicer produce the purest, healthiest and most tasteful juice compared to other types. The slow spinning auger stimulates the motion of hand squeezing, breaking up cells and releasing enzymes so as to prevent oxidation and allowing juice to be stored up to 72 hrs without degradation. You also have more choices to juice up with leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables. If you want simply attainable health drinks, you can’t go wrong with Hazel Quinn! HQ slow juicer is now officially launched on two crowdfunding platforms, Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and starts from $65 for super early birds (10 limits), $77 for early birds (50 limits) to $90 for unlimited offers on each platform. These offers are still valid so you can rush to get the perk. I’d be happy to be here and answer questions as they come up!

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