Gamify your Habit Tracker

Fondateur de : Rodri Alba

Notion Creator and Designer.

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Gardez motivé avec un système simple et agréable.

Ce Habit Tracker est spécial, car non seulement suit vos bonnes habitudes. De plus, vous aide à briser les mauvaises habitudes, à atteindre vos objectifs et à garder motivé avec un système de jeu.

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Perhaps the interface has fewer options and is unlocked as you fulfill habits. So we would have a habit of use! Amazing plataform! Congratulations.

This looks amazing! Congratulations on the launch!

Hi Product Hunt! So excited to be here sharing this product. 🎯 Objective Allow me to present my new system to motivate people to adopt good habits and avoid the bad ones. Basically, it's an all-in-one page that allows you to balance your habits. As you go through this process, reward yourself for your achievements. 🚀 What's Included? - Track up to 10 good habits and 10 bad habits every day. (update 2025) - Visualize and track your weekly, monthly, and yearly performance. (progress tracker) - Huge flexibility and neat. - Mood Tracker with 16 moods/emotions included. - Gamified system easy to use. (5 levels) - Market place to exchange EXP for accessories or wishes. - Plan your day, week and month templates. - Year Report. Any feedback, suggestions appreciated

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