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Founder - Scapic (Acquired by Flipkart)

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Fondateur de : Ruchit Shah

Web3 Designer @CopeStudio | Polygon 💜
Conception dApps faites aussi facilement que glisser-déposer

Finity est un système de conception Web3 par Polygon Technology, construit avec Cope. Studio Que fait Finity ? – rend la conception Web3 aussi facile que le glisser-déposer – Échelle votre conception avec votre produit – Éléments en constante évolution – Gratuit à utiliser, pour tous

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Commentaires :

Congratulations you guys! Keep it up!

This is freaking witchcraft. From first css grid templates to Figma and Webflow, I've been around and looking for a proper web3 dapp dev environment. What I just saw is just what I need.

As a student and web3 developer I often struggle to present my Dapp in visually pleasing way as I am very poor at designing and picking colors for my UI. I am sure there are lot of people who are very poor at designing and needs help. Finity definitely is gonna help people like us a lot. Great work @ruchitrshah Looking for more features and updates down the road!

Great, I love it! And I must say that the design is totally awesome! Finity is something that definitely will be used in the future, and thanks for creating it! ^_^ Congrats on the launch! ^_^

This is so helpful in maintaining design systems! Great work team :)

Congratulations to the product hunt launch! It's going to be a hit!

very useful, helpful, simple and fast -- thumbs up

Super useful resource, It has made the design process so much easier and faster!

Congrats on the launch!

Thanks much ser!

This is awesome! Thank you for making this

The interface looks very intuitive and super helpful to see the side by side. Very cool product and congrats on the launch! Excited to follow along.

Just Drag and Drop. Your Design is ready. @ruchitrshah awesome work ser !!

Lezzgoooo :rocket:

This is amazing! Really helpful for many!

@0xshashank Thanks Shashank :)

@vdraman259 Adding more variations and dynamics in V2!

@imdaeshawn Buidl for all! 🌎

@ananya_mahanta Thanks Ananya! I'm glad you liked it!

@always_buzzing Indeed!

Thanks Krish!

@natalia28 Thanks, do share among your connections :)

@vaishnavi_sivaramakrishnan Thanks Vaishnavi!

@arjxnajith Thanks Arjun :)

@joshua_r_d Thanks a lot Joshua, will definately make it possible.

@0xsonujain Thanks a lot Sonu, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Thanks bro!

Wow! This is going to help a lot of protocols with easy and simple UI. Will bring in ease of use for users as well. Way to go :)

Thanks Vaibhav!

Thanks Aditya! Let’s make products using Finity! 💜

Thanks 😊

Our 3D team is spectacular! Thanks, will share your thoughts across the team! 😁

Thanks Yulianna!

I’m glad you liked it! 😄

Yes, indeed! 😄

Thanks a lot Sai, would love to catch up with you on what you’re building! 🙌🏻

Thanks a lot Vaibhav!

amazing contribution to the web3 ecosystem! congrats on launching this @ Cope Studio team

Smooth and sleeky AF detailing, loved it

This is very interesting. A cool product. Congrats on the launch.

Amazing work bruh @ruchitrshah 🔥🚀

Oh daam. This is artistic. That little animation on the night /day mode was so brilliant 🙌🏽

The fact that something like this is free and very much needed for the ecosystem is mind blowing, great work on this!

Aesthetic, terrific UX, and so many features.... looks super!

@aditya_mohanty Thanks a ton Adi!

Great work on this @ruchitrshah! I have used a lot of design systems in my workflows but this one takes the cake! Its got a comprehensive set of functions that you can use to even design for Web3 specific dApps and most of all it's free! We're looking forward to add more to the system in the coming months and make it THE industry standard in for Web3!

@yulianna_samokar Thanks for your support!

Thanks Adi!

Thanks ser!

Design made easy with Finity

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