Endangered Animals Playing Cards

Fondateur de Endangered Animals Playing Cards : Marius Gebert

Just a student from Germany

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Des cartes à jouer créatives qui sauvent des animaux en voie de disparition

Ce jeu de cartes à jouer illustre différents animaux en voie de disparition. Chaque jeu est directement lié à un don du choix du client.

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@muemme Most Kickstarter campaigns aren't looking for production dollars as much as they are looking for community, which Kickstarter has, which translates into dollars, and more importantly brand/creator loyalty.

@gregory_wehmeyer hey, I didn’t illustrate these alone but together with my partners. 2. we think that we don’t need kickstarter to start production, we just started production in Germany and while selling the first decks. Why do you think kickstarter would be smarter?

1. did you design/illustrate these? 2. why aren't you on kickstarter?

Hi Product Hunt! We (two students from Germany) are really excited to introduce "undangerr - playing cards" to the world. What started as a college design competition a few months ago gained a lot of attention on reddit and motivated us to turn this design concept into reality. We want to raise awareness for all the animals that have to fight for their survival every year. The deck consists of 52 cards and three jokers depicting endangered species. With every deck sold, a direct donation goes to an animal protection organization of the customer's choice. More details are available on our website. We have teamed up with a local printer and are now collecting pre-orders, which we will ship in the next few weeks. Use the code "PHS10" for a 10% discount for all early supporters! Feel free to ask us any questions and we’ll be glad to answer them.

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