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web2 developer building stuff in web3

Fondateur de Dakiya : Anoushk

17, swiss army knife dev

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Fondateur de Dakiya : Pratyush Rungta

Designer and No-Code Developer

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Envoyer un message à un autre utilisateur, sur la chaîne

Grâce à dakiya, vous pouvez envoyer des messages à toute personne possédant une adresse de portefeuille, sans avoir à créer de compte ni à dépendre des serveurs de messagerie. Les messages sont cryptés en utilisant les clés publiques du destinataire. L’envoi d’un message coûte de l’essence – donc uniquement les messages importants !

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41$ in gas fees to send a message, maybe I'll courier it physically cheaper :)

Oh my! ^__^ All support to this project! Big congrats on the launch! ^_^ I truly believe in Web3 and I hope it will be more alive soon! *_* Big heart to all products and tools that are supporting it! ^_^ Can you tell me if Dakiya supports file-sharing or it is more focused just on messages themselves? :))

Extremely interesting idea! See very strong use cases being built in the space. Would love to learn more, web 3.0 is truly the future @0xbhaisaab @pratyushrungta

Amazing product guys. Possible to connect separately ? Would love to look at this from an investment perspective from my fund. Thanks.

This might be a dumb question, but how would you find someone to send a message to on the chain? Just theoretically? This seems like a very cool product :)

Kindly consider adding some social handles to the landing page. Why? I was scared to connect my wallet. There's no news anywhere. Makes most users sus. What will you do?

Amazing stuff! Congratulations! Dakiya cool name!


This is an interesting one. congrats 👏 now pls bring it to Layer 2 and reduce the fees.

Another day, another awesome web3 product. Super excited. Congrats team.

This is pretty cool! The beginning of making sure people in Web3 can message each other freely.

Congrats on the launch, this is so cool!

Nice product actually. I think it can be necessary in some cases to have independent proof that there was a conversation. But gas fee is so high now 😞

Thanks @sasidharan

@dryden Interesting, Will check it out

@hashir_shaikh Thanks

@sgzsh269 Thanks 😊

@adityavsc @rahul_singh_bhadoriya I suppose spam messages can be hidden... for gas 😬

Congrats on the launch! You guys are laying the foundation for decentralized secure messaging.

@virajchhajed ty ser <3

Congratulations on the launch @0xbhaisaab @pratyushrungta

atb guys! fire stuff!

Love this! Send me a message! 0x8F488eb5720314bC2C0Dc4cc3A3219E2169C1950 :)

I love this! Try build it on IOTA, it will be perfect

Congrats on the launch @0xbhaisaab

Thanks @shrey_khokhra1

This thing a game changer. Congrats guys on the launch! 😃

@abrupted glad you liked it! On a very high level, Ethereum's Public-Private keys allow you to encrypt-decrypt random data (here it's messages), respectively, apart from signing/verifying txns. Planning to write a thread/blog post to discuss the implementation in detail. Stay tuned for that :)

@anoushk77 🤯

Thanks @akshitverma5

@mohitmamoria polygon coming soon serr.😊

Thanks @rohan71915705

Thanks @rounak_design

Thanks @soham_roy4

Thanks @manansmehta

@gayatri_taley Thanks

Great work guys! Congrats on the launch

It's very interesting but gasfee will deter a lot of users!

Thanks @0xsunil, more to come

Thanks @abheeeenav

Thanks @kirtiraj_parmar

Thanks @venkatesh1

Awesome 😁🙌

great stuff guys!

Web3 implementation looks promising. Congrats on the launch.

Interesting concept but how is a message secure if it’s encrypted using a “public” key? Also, why not use an L2 to avoid fees? I doubt people gonna spend $8+ to send a message that’s not even truly encrypted? Cool tech experiment though!

@adityavsc before we optimized our code it was 200$ 😬

Love this product, Congrats on the launch team!

Congrats on the launch🙌🔥

Amazing work !

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