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Fondateur de Copilot : Sarah Wilke

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Fondateur de Copilot : Sergio Campama

Des outils financiers et des informations que vous ne trouverez pas auprès de votre banque.

Copilot est là avec une mise à jour majeure pour changer la façon dont vous voyez vos investissements ⚡️ 🦅 Obtenez une vue d’ensemble de vos comptes ⏱️ Mélangé avec des données de marché en quasi temps réel 💰 Voir des estimations de solde en direct 📈 Benchmarker vos retours sur investissement.

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I’ve been a Copilot user since their old website and when it was still on Early Bird pricing and I’m never giving it up. Glad I don’t need to use Mint and the other tools anymore

One more note: You just instantly gave me more information than the coinbase app itself does! 👏 Thank you!

Huge fan of Co-Pilot. Excited to see the updates! Looking forward to better ways to collaborate with my spouse - hopefully that’s on the roadmap. 😉

Congrats on release, guys!

Congrats on your release. Are you planning to expand to Europe soon?

Waiting for Europe release!

Simple, easy to scan, just the right amount of smart - this is the best PFM app. This launch, like every other one, looks awesome. Congrats!

Looking forward to Canada release :)

Any plan to launch Copilot in Canada? Plaid support canada aswell hopefully not work to be done.

Worth a shot to try it

Awesome !

what all geos they cover?

Been a customer for a while now - love the app!

I've been a customer for over a year now and it's by far the best in category (i've tried almost all of them) Congrats on investment tab / features team!

This app is fantastic.

Hey everyone! I’m Andres, the founder of Copilot 👋 Along with the growing Copilot team, I’m happy to announce that Copilot’s Investments tab is now live. I started Copilot because I was frustrated and fed up with the limitations of existing personal finance apps. Our mission is to help you reclaim your financial data from the banks, and put it to work for your own benefit. We first launched in January of last year (, and we've been working tirelessly to make the app even better. We've built a best-in-class spending tracker that respects your privacy, and we're excited to expand into investments. The surge in investing apps and robo-advisors, along with the explosive growth of crypto, have expanded the personal finance space into services well beyond checking, savings, and credit accounts. But with increased access to investing tools, it became harder for folks to understand what's working for them and what isn't. It's time to change that! As of today, Copilot’s new Investments section empowers you to do the following: 🦅 Get a birds’ eye view of your investments. See aggregate data from investment accounts across financial institutions and services, eliminating the need to track daily investment holdings and securities fluctuations across multiple apps and websites. ⏱️ View near real-time market data. Copilot infuses near real-time market data into the Investments section to give you an idea of security prices and your top-movers during the day. 💰 See live balance estimates. We used to be limited to displaying only end-of-day balances, but we know a lot can happen in a day. Now you can see live balance estimates for your investment accounts based on near real-time market values. 📈 Understand your investment returns. Our proprietary metric calculates your investment returns, allowing you to benchmark your investments against one another to show the true performance of your holdings––not just the change in your account balances. The app is currently available in the App Store for $8.99/month, or $69.99/annually (around $5.80 per month.) To get your first two months free, simply use the invite code FREEPH 🎟 If you’d like to learn more, we're at Copilot is currently only available in the US, but we'd love to expand soon. We can't wait to hear what you all think!

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