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Tout ce que vous devez commencer avec la gestion de commentaires

Le Canny Un plan gratuit permet à toute entreprise de commencer par capturer, organiser, analyser et prioriser la rétroaction des produits. Il comprend des outils pour la gestion des commentaires, des feuille de route, des changelogs et des notes de sortie. De plus, il n’y a pas de limite d’utilisateurs traqués.

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Love it!

@hnshah @sarahhum This is great news, well done team!

I just integrated it into and it is super easy to get started! The free tier is HUGE so I am really grateful for your product. Thanks a lot.

Congrats! Already registered and using it for SLOWLY. Both our team and our users love it!

This is such a cool move for all of us who are just starting out! Thanks a lot ❤️

I discovered Canny 2 years back while on a hunt for a solution to idea generation for employees within an enterprise company. From generating crowdsourced ideas to collecting customer feedback to doing behind the scenes project management, Canny does it all with a clean, responsive interface that delights the end user. So glad to see it reach the top of Product Hunt today.

We are huge fans of Canny here at Taskade 3.0 - you can see our live embedded integration on

Congrats on the launch Sarah! 🎉

@kathyxsun thanks for the support Kathy!!

I've been following Canny and the team for years now! So excited to see that everyone can have access to it now.

@mickc79 as a bootstrapped company, we needed to focus on monetization for a while but we're happy we can support you now! Enjoy :)

@martin_seibert1 thanks for the kind words Martin!!

@emsb woohoo! Hope it's working well for you :)

I've coveted Canny for years but you've been what I would call "comically" priced. This is a great move. Thank you.

We've been using Canny for multiple software products in the past. I love the simplicity, the ease of customer integration, the fast social account logins and that it simply works awesomely with our customer - not all of them are tech-savvy.

We were on one of the old paid plans, now we're getting more Canny for free!

@plehoux many many years!! Always appreciate the support Philippe. Enjoy the Free plan :)

@simongibbons89 so glad to hear Simon!! We're always around if we can be helpful :)

@prasannaunar thank you! Customizing the create form has been a popular request for a while so we're excited about that one. We'll be making several improvements to the roadmapping feature as well as notification in Canny. You can keep up with our roadmap and releases here:

We were a long-time paid customer (many years) Missive 3.0 ... But with your new pricing... we are on the free plan! 😱

We've been using Canny at to power our product feedback gathering. It was a painless process to integrate and the feedback we've gathered has been invaluable as we've developed the product. Congratulations on the launch and the milestone!

@matejkukucka thanks Matej! We have a Startup discount to help startups bridge the $0-$400/mo gap. It's a 75% discount for the first year and then 50% off the second. For more established companies, we believe Canny is more than worth the $400/mo. Server resources aren't a huge consideration for us when it comes to pricing.

@surjithctly Thank you! Existing customers have already been transitioned either to the Free plan or new Growth plan with a discount. You can read more about the transition here:

@harris_peggy thank you!

@marie_martens thank you! We'd love to have you!

@axel_lavergne thanks for the support Axel!

@andreasblondeau thank you!! We hope it helps :)

@fares_aktouf @achuthhadnoor thank you!!

@hnshah @sarahhum congratulations on the launch 🥳

That's a great move. What will happen to the existing Starter or Growth accounts?

Always liked to use Canny compared to other solutions, but never really understood the cost of such solution. Always though that these solutions must be very light in terms of server resources. Glad you are bringing the free plan, but as someone mentioned here, from 0 to 400/month it's quite a jump.

@hnshah @sarahhum Nice ! Congrats on the launch

I'm very pleased about this new release. Thank you! geometry dash

Congrats and great news! Will check it out for Tally

Really cool to release this on a free plan! Congrats on the launch!

I have been waiting for this moment forever 😍 Very happy about this new release. Thank you all!

Hello Product Hunt! Thanks @hnshah for the hunt 🙏 When we started building Canny, we wanted it to be a tool teams of all sizes could use. That said, as a bootstrapped team, we had to monetize early on, which made Canny inaccessible to many teams. Well, I'm super excited to say those days are over! With Canny Free, small teams can skip the phase where you keep track of feedback in spreadsheets, or Slack, or not at all. 💬 Collect product feedback in one organized place 💯 Prioritize your roadmap by scoring features 🚀 Announce features via the changelog 🔗 Integrate with tools like Jira, Intercom, and Slack The Free plan has everything you need to get started with feedback and there are no limits to how many people can give feedback. Just head to to sign up for our new Free plan. As always, our team is around to help if you need it.

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