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Fondateur de Balance Bunny : Nick L.

Designer, Builder, etc.

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Obtenez vos transactions bancaires et votre solde en temps réel dans Slack.

Obtenez des mises à jour en temps réel des transactions financières et du solde bancaire de votre entreprise, directement dans Slack.

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Hey gang, Thanks for checking out Balance Bunny! 🐰 Balance Bunny was created as a simple app that solves a constant problem for myself as an entrepreneur and founder: keeping up with my business's bank account and subscriptions. I was always keeping a close eye on my balance and making sure to avoid any fees or overdraws. I also have so many different subscriptions, I can't always remember what is what. With Balance Bunny, every transaction for your bank is sent as a message to a Slack channel. This way I know exactly when money is leaving the account, but also it's great to see money coming in! You can also set filters by the amount and if you only want to see in or out transactions. Hope you all enjoy, would love to hear feedback as we're still very early!

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